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på stell

more air - less wash

to take good care of our planet and your new garments, we recommend that you hang your garments up to ventilate instead of machine wash

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- because natural garments deserve natural care


at by basics, we recommend using på stell when washing your new garments


på stell is a norwegian brand that offers organic detergent, soap, and stain removers made from natural oils and effective ingredients from lemon


this combination allows the products not only to clean your garments but also nurture them.


detergent from på stell is free from chemicals, enzymes, and bleach meaning it helps keep the colours and structure of your garment intact


taking care of your stuff is taking care of nature because right caring makes your clothes last even longer


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på stell is part of the by basics community

we do not have shares in på stell, but we believe that our products go hand in hand with a common goal to take care of the planet

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