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360 °

a 360° ethical approach

360° is part of our logo … it’s the heart of by basics … we strive for ethics all the way

we’re well aware that we are not perfect, but in everything we do, we try to do what’s best for people and the planet


therefore, 360° is an ongoing process ... join us on our journey


we believe in:

passion - we are devoted and sincere in everything we do


ethical mindset - we encourage to only buy what you need


craftsmanship - local artisans make our clothes and receive a fair and competitive salary with no piecework


design - we design for people ... to wear and love

the way we work

in everything we do, we strive to

  • find the best possible solution

  • work together as a team

  • treat each other with respect and honesty

  • cultivate long-term partnerships with all stakeholders, agents, and customers

raw materials

  • we choose manufacturers from an ethical and environmental perspective

  • the wool is mulesing-free

  • our subcontractors are required to have specific certifications to ensure ethical production and a good working environment




  • we control the entire process and make sure to take proper care of our employees, the environment, and the quality of the output

  • we own our production facility in poland and have a long-lasting partnership with our production facility in portugal

  • all employees are treated with respect, fair and competitive salary, healthcare, and no piecework salary



in everything we do, we strive to treat people, animals, and the planet in the best possible way


made to order

all styles are made to order


  • you can order exactly the styles, colours, and sizes you know your customers like

  • no minimum and no fixed assortments

  • buy only what you need when – no matter if it is few or many pieces

  • order all year round whenever it's suitable for you and your shop

  • we produce your order just for you .. this way both you and we avoid overproduction, stock, and reduce waste

reducing waste is key

made to order is key to our reduce-waste policy … we believe in reducing waste as much as possible, hence, we only produce what is needed

a few examples:

  • we cut our wool by hand, reusing the pattern for each style repeatedly

  • the cut-offs are either used for smaller styles, children's styles or unraveled at a nearby factory and reused

in everything we do, we want to reduce waste

see our official certifications

explainer video

do you want to get to know by basics in less than two minutes? view this video – it’ll give you the headlines

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