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merino wool

more air - less wash

to take good care of our planet and your new garments, we recommend that you hang your garments up to ventilate instead of machine wash.


care guide · merino wool

please follow these guidelines for:


  • merino wool

  • RAM

  • brushed wool

  • cotton/wool doubleface

wash your merino wool on the wool setting (gentle action) at 30° celsius (or lower)

use detergent recommended for wool ... as regular detergent containing enzymes or bleach with time degrades the natural coating on the fibres – we recommend using på stell

tumble dry on low heat

dry the garments flat on a towel, as line drying or drying on hangers might cause your knitted garments to stretch and lose their shape


iron at maximum 2-dot heat setting 


always keep your garments turned inside out when washing, drying, and ironing

note! moths love merino wool too ... therefore, we recommend keeping your wool together with lavender or cedarwood to keep the moths away

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