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by basics believe in community


we invite fellow conscious brands into our community, as we believe that we're stronger together


in our experience, partnerships with inspiring people – who share our values – create synergy

​​​do you wish to be part of our community?

contact us and tell us about your brand and ideas



- the perfect skincare made from coffee grounds


at by basics, we’ve partnered up with the inspiring grums-team from aarhus, denmark


grums is danish skincare and essentials based on natural ingredients and upcycled coffee grounds from La Cabra with whom they have a close partnership


grums believes in taking skincare to a higher level of quality, sustainability, and transparency


in every part of the value chain, grums strive to find the best possible way – from collecting the coffee grounds by bike to selectively choosing natural quality ingredients and eco-friendly packaging

visit grums' website


på stell

- because natural garments deserve natural care


at by basics, we recommend that you use på stell when washing your new garments


på stell is a norwegian brand that offers organic detergent, soap, and stain removers made from lemons


this natural product not only clean your garments – it nurture them as well, making sure they stay in perfect shape even longer


detergent from på stell is free from chemicals, enzymes, and bleach

taking care of your garments is taking care of nature at the same time because proper caring makes your clothes last even longer

visit på stell on their website

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