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100% linen


linen from by basics is:

  • garment-dyed – we sew all styles in raw fabric prepared for dying and then colour the styles in the colour of your choice

  • made without using harmful chemicals nor allergy-inducing dyes

  • designed in denmark and produced in portugal

  • made-to-order – we produce your order just for you to reduce waste


  • soft and comfortable

  • temperature regulating

  • highly absorbent

  • breathable


other facts ... linen:

  • is the original sustainable fibre

  • is considered the strongest of all-natural fibres, and it has even been found to get stronger when washed

  • when grown in its ideal geographical zone, the cultivation of flax produces no waste

  • flax can grow in poor soil unsuitable for food production, even rehabilitate infected soil, and has a high rate of carbon absorption

  • all parts of the flax plant are used: the long and short fibres and seeds are made into textiles, paper, varnish, oil, animal feed, and biomaterials

we use linen in OWN linen, OWN light linen, and OWN linen printed

care guide for linen


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