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94% bamboo / 6% elastane

​​​​bamboo from by basics is

  • made by the lyocell method, which is considered sustainable – we produce the bamboo in a closed-loop process making sure 99% is recycled instead of being released out into the environment

  • cut by hand

  • made without using harmful chemicals nor allergy-inducing dyes

  • knitted and designed in denmark and produced in our own facilities in poland

  • made-to-order – we produce your order just for you to reduce waste



  • soft and comfortable

  • temperature regulating

  • antibacterial effects

  • breathable

other facts – bamboo:

  • is the fastest growing plant on earth and grows to its maximum height in only 3-4 years

  • grows naturally without pesticides or pest control, and

  • absorbs large amounts of co2, which helps to lower the greenhouse effect

  • is 100% biodegradable

care guide for bamboo


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