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sometimes you have to let them go (part II)

in a world of COLOURS, we all find our favourites

as a part of our ethical approach, we strive to keep our collection at just the right size ... we want you to be able to find exactly all the styles and colours you love – no more & no less

therefore, we evaluate our colours from time to time, and we let the less loved ones go

today, we say GOODBYE to 10 colours – 6 in linen and 4 in poplin

linen & light linen

discontinued nov 1, 2022

  • 6 limestone

  • 43 pale moss

  • 66 terracotta

  • 90 dusty plum

  • 1181 camel

  • 333 pink


discontinued nov 1, 2022

  • 14 red clay

  • 93 herb

  • 135 chocolate chip

  • 333 pink

you still have many excellent colours to choose from in our OWN collections

(and a few new ones will follow next season)


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