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PR · petit by basics in childhood business (de)

modeagentur timm in germany is mentioning petit by basics in their latest brand presentation in the magazine "childhood business":

the article is in german but a few freely translated quotes for you:

"if you could wish for something, it would be like this: order when i want, put together how i want it, and made to order (to reduce waste and make it super flexible for me) right here in europe ... of course ecologically and ethical"

"it sounds a bit like "make a wish" – but the team behind petit by bascis has put together a concept which is not only remarkable in terms of ecological aspects ... it is also brilliant, especially in these economically challenging times. because you can order exactly what you need when you need it; it's individually produced and delivered in a short time"

"a significant part of the corporate dna and strategy is "made to order" to reduce waste as much as possible ... everything is made in by basics own production facilities in poland"


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