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arty mending

create less waste

cut, stitch & create your own designs


the set (1044) includes raw cut-offs from our merino wool rib production, a needle, and thread …. you can use the cuts as they are or cut patterns and unique patches from them


in the video, we’ve used a flower pattern for our arty mending ... still, the possibilities are endless – you can use all kinds of patterns from classic to quirky … cut, stitch, create cool patterns, and embroider in your way to craft your unique look


all patches are made of our merino wool rib … as part of our reduce-waste philosophy, cut-offs are either used for smaller styles, unraveled at a nearby factory – or used for patches and arty mending like this


use this set to repair your favourite styles and extend their lifespan

use this set for creative arty mending, making your new styles one-of-a-kind


it’s all up to you … just craft away & have some fun

we would love to see your arty mending creations!

please share it with us & help the inspiration grow

#bybasics at instagram

that’s … easy to love


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