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ss22 · see the spring hues

the four key colour trends for ss22

each season, we launch a range of inspirational colour themes comprising our core colours plus a few new ones. for ss22, these four key trends help you make the most of your new-season edit


colours: warm, fresh and fruity

a tribute to the joys in life, by basics’ passion trend, is about empathic and trusted friendships and a longing for carefree expression. in short, it’s an invitation to dance like no one is watching


colours: blue hues mixed with shades of white and desert

a reference to casual sports and sailing, horizon combines a love of vintage and the desire for new perspectives. this trend is about embracing the fact that we don’t all have the same vision


colours: botanical and earthy harmonies a focus on connecting to nature and enduring respect of resources, the roots theme is all about nourishing our minds and souls


colours: monochrome mixed with tones of grey calm and peaceful ambiences create space for reflections and broader perspectives. the atmosphere trend evokes limitless thinking and innovative ways of belonging because we can all bloom

our wide range of styles, fabrics and colourways is available throughout the entire year. and when you place an order, it’s produced just for you: no waste, no stock, no minimum.


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