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for the love of wool

let’s talk about wool & how to take care of all your favourites

wool is a natural material & therefore need natural care ... use liquid wool detergent & avoid detergent with enzymes & bleach


... because normal detergent dries out the natural oil

in the wool fibres & can cause the fibres to break over time

air wash when possible


because wool is naturally antibacterial & odor resistent

... the environment loves air wash too

100% mulesing free, naturally ... all our wool comes from sheep who live according to the 5 freedom of sheep


... because happy sheep give happy wool

keep cedar balls or lavender near your wool & if you're not using your wool for a while, put it in an airtight bag


... moths love our wool too

& this will keep them away

our merino wool is soft, antibacterial, temperature-regulating & ... quite easy to love


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