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care guide

use liquid wool detergent

avoid detergent with enzymes & bleach


... because normal detergent dries out the natural oil in the wool fibres & can cause the fibres to break over time

keep cedar balls or lavender near your wool

if you're not using your wool for a while, it's a good idea to put it in an airtight bag


... moths love wool to – this will keep them away 

use a

washing bag

turn clothes inside out

do not soak

wash with

similar colours

dry flat

air wash

when possible



... because wool is naturally antibacterial & odor resistent ... it's also good for the environment 


a repair kit is attached

to the care label

on all merino wool styles

do not hang knitted styles on hangers or with clothespins



... because this will make the style longer & turn out of shape


washing instructions

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