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PR: by basics offers made-to-order clothing that minimises waste while maximising sales potential

we're proud to be featured in the december issue of boutique. – a uk-magazine devoted to independent womenswear retailers.

we want to share it with you – and maybe you can use some of it when talking to you customers about by basics:

four notable quotes

no wasteful overstock:

"each order is made especially for the retailer while all the styles in its blusbar range are hand-cut – ensuring no wasteful overstock and complete deliveries per customer."

natural fabrics

"by basics co-owns its production facilities in poland, giving it full control over quality and human resource management. each collection is crafted using natural fabrics such as wool, bamboo and cotton. all of its organic materials are oeko-tex certified and are carefully chosen with this mindset."

we do our best to treat the planet, people, and relationships with respect and honesty:

"from the raw materials to the final product, we ensure animal, environmental and social welfare in the best possible way. we do our best to treat the planet, people and relationships with respect and honesty. we strive for quality and thoughtfulness in every style, in every personal interaction and every aspect of our work."

a timeless wardrobe:

"our customers love the way they can build a timeless wardrobe through the seasons; it truly is a transitional collection suited to the modern woman."


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