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our business model cares for both the environment and our customers

by basics in TØJ
by basics in TØJ

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with exports to 23 countries, by basics is a successful business working on multiple parameters to create a company without overconsumption and waste. simultaneously, the owners have succeeded in creating a flexible setup for their customers, focusing on thoughtful selling.


a dedicated team is gathered around the table when tøj’s editor interviews by basics. the two couples behind the company complement each other’s sentences. the conversation quickly focuses on the customers, who they refer to as partners. at by basics, they put great effort into relationships, product development and their overall business approach.


established in december 2015, by basics is the result of the collective efforts of four key individuals, who now form the ownership group: klaus bøje christiansen, the company’s ceo, who is responsible for buying, production and sales, while peter grensteen, coo, manages administration and sales. anne dorte thøger, the company’s cdo, is the creative mind behind the design and product development, and as cmo, gitte borup is responsible for marketing.


by basics is a rapidly growing export business with over 700 customers across 23 countries with 18 of them being core markets. this success is partly attributed to their business model. by basics operates on a ‘made to order’ basis, producing only the sold quantity of products. this approach makes the brand unique in the fashion industry:


“our production takes both the environment and our customers into consideration. the ‘made to order’ approach means that neither we nor our partners are left with large unsold stocks. we only produce what our customers believe they can sell,” says klaus bøje christiansen.

by basics also offers its customers quick delivery, within three to five weeks from ordering, of products made in their own sewing house in poland. an increasing number of customers are using this opportunity, as peter grensteen explains:


“we have several customers in the nordic countries who either weekly or a few times a month assess the sales of by basics products, and then place a new order with us. this way, they avoid leftover stocks while always having enough styles in the store from week to week.”



“we make clothes you become addicted to” 

by basics has built a permanent slow-fashion collection in a few basic qualities, offering each style in a wide range of colours. each season, a limited number of new styles and colours are added, and the least selling ones are removed. the materials used in the sewing house in poland include washed mulesing-free merino wool, organic cotton and bamboo that is knitted in ikast in denmark.


“in our sewing house, each merino wool style is hand-cut from sturdy paper patterns, which are reused repeatedly, significantly reducing paper consumption. leftovers and offcuts from merino wool and cotton are used for accessories or our petit by basics children’s styles. the pieces that are too small are recycled into new yarns,”gitte borup explains.


as a new initiative, the brand also offers customers raw offcuts from merino wool in the shape of an ‘arty mending repair kit.’ customers can choose the exact colour they want from around 70 colours – just as they choose the colour for all the styles offered in merino wool:


“with the repair kit comes an embroidery needle and yarn, which can be used for repair or decoration of the clothing, thereby personalising it and extending its durability and use,” says anne dorte thøger.


in 2019, by basics bought their own factory in poland, and since then, they have grown from 17 to 54 employees, with the former factory owner as a co-owner. together, they have created a sewing house with high standards for quality and delivery reliability. purchasing the factory was another decision made by the owners, driven by the ambition to continuously improve. specifically, they have achieved a very low second-sorting percentage and have refined their product:


“we develop and work with a few raw materials that fit into our mindset. we design and produce with a focus on comfort and quality, constantly exploring new possibilities within our field. and we make clothes you become addicted to,” says anne dorte thøger with a smile.

since 2015, the brand has maintained ‘made to order’ as a cornerstone of its concept. in their communication, by basics also encourages customers to only buy what they need and believe in for their store:


“practically, customers can order products 24/7 all year round via our b2b platform. besides caring for the environment with minimal overconsumption, the concept helps reduce the customer’s inventory commitment and the risk of buying styles that are not sold. ‘made to order’ is central to the entire value chain,” concludes peter grensteen.


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