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bamboo – easy to love

you care about the environment. you want ethical clothing made from the most environmentally friendly materials possible. you want soft fabrics. and you want to look chick.

by basics' bamboo collection might just be what you’re looking for.

we use bamboo lyocell

all our bamboo clothing is made from lyocell bamboo fabric. lyocell is made from many types of wood – in our case: bamboo. after being harvested, the bamboo is cut into small pieces and ground into a pulp, which is then dissolved by the non-toxic amine oxide.

the remains from this process are raw cellulose, which is being pushed through spinnerets, washed, and dried. now, it’s ready to be spun into yarn and afterwards woven into the softest bamboo fabric.

did you know that bamboo ...

  • is 100 % biodegradable?

  • might grow up to 25 cm a day?

  • has an even more positive effect on co2 levels than trees because the plant absorbs more co2 per m2?

  • is the fastest growing plant on earth?

more reasons to love bamboo

bamboo has round and smooth fibres hence clothes made from bamboo is incredibly soft and comfortable to wear.

in addition, bamboo has many good qualities. bamboo fabric has a sweat absorbing and transporting effect. it lets the skin breathe and do not stick when you sweat. like wool, bamboo is temperature regulating and have the ability to absorb 3-4 times more than cotton. the bamboo has a natural anti-bacterial effect, which is retained in the final product.

because we want to produce with care, bamboo is a natural choice. bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth and grows to its maximum height of only 3-4 years, and it even puts new shoots when it is felled. bamboo grows naturally without pesticides or pest control.


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