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sometimes you have to let them go ...

in a world of COLOURS, we all find our favourites we strive to keep our collection at just the right size for you to find all the styles and colours you love – without producing more than needed therefore, we evaluate our colours from time to time, and we let the less loved ones go why? because it's the best way to ensure we do not knit a fabric that will never be used

today, we say GOODBYE to

  • 778 lime

  • 132 ocean blue

  • b/135/68 · chocolate chip/aubergine

  • 301 brick red

  • 387 carrot

  • b/387/500 carrot/rose

  • b/0/07 · raw white/sand melange

  • 300 wine (october 2022)

  • 75 avocado (october 2022)

in merino wool:

and keep +60 colours

you still have +60 awesome colours to choose from in our mulesing-free merino wool collections

that's easy to love, right?

issues with raw materials 2022

we're still experiencing some issues regarding raw materials ... do you want to know if your favourite is available? log in to trade or see the overview of current colours not available


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