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wool = love

there ... it’s out!

we’re wool lovers & we want to share our love with you!

why love wool?

well, wool has so many good qualities ... it’s not going to change the world, but wool makes things a bit better

because WOOL:

  • is 100% natural (& biodegradable )

  • keeps your body at the right temperature

  • calms your skin (& your mind)

we wear it all the time ... when we dress up for going out ... when we cozy up at home ... when we need comfort at night

we love wool ... it’s that simple!

our wool is always

  • 100% merino wool from mulesing free sheep – because we believe happy sheep give happy wool

  • made-to-order & cut by hand right here in europe

  • soooo soft … some people say that wool is itchy … well, they need to try our wool, because it’s soft and calming

do you know the five freedoms of sheep?

our wool comes from sheep living under the five freedoms of sheep

it's good

  • lifestyle ... the sheep can express normal behavior and enjoy the company of fellow sheep

  • nutrition ... the sheep have access to sufficient food and water

  • environment ... the sheep have shelter and live in a comfortable environment

  • handling ... the sheep are taken good care of

  • health ... the sheep are taken proper care of, including a mulesing-free life


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