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thanks for following along on our joined journey!

and i’d also like to share a passion of mine: thoughtfulness – considering the needs of other people and the planet

thoughtfulness is a big part of by basics. we're committed to ethical slow-fashion and taking the earth-friendly road in the best possible way (learn more about our 360-degree approach)

to us, this means that we

  • produce after the made-to-order-principles to avoid stock and waste

  • only use high-quality and natural materials like organic cotton and mulesing-free merino wool from sheep living under the five freedom of sheep

  • emphasise local craftmanship: we knit your styles in denmark, hand-dye the buttons in denmark, and hand-cut your styles in our factory in poland

  • include repair kits on all blusbar styles to prolong the life of the clothes

  • give you the complete freedom to buy precisely the styles, colours, and sizes you desire

our styles are oeko-tex certified – including our neck labels

did you notice the hangtag?

we print on cradle-to-cradle paper – the same goes for the catalogue

we desire to make a difference in – however small or big it may be. that's why we focus on quality over quantity and prioritise the planet's and people's well-being

thank you for caring & thank you for choosing our made-to-order ethical pieces

with love, gitte

by basics' marketing & colour nerd

ps: a few weeks ago, we wrote about building a basic wardrobe with your customers. did you read that? it might be relevant for you - here's the link


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