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pink rosemary blusbar gin

we're dreaming of summer and garden parties

it's time to SIP cold drinks in the garden ... stay at the beach until DAWN ... ENJOY the summer

as a nordic brand, we know that even in summer, it might get pretty cold at night ... that doesn't stop us:

we always pack a blusbar scarf, poncho, or cardigan

and NOW we're ready to chat, hygge, and sip drinks all night long - here's the recipe for one of our favourites – we call it:

pink rosemary blusbar gin


1 cup of water + 1 cup of sugar + ½ bundle of rosemary


4 blood oranges + gin + sparkling water + ice + a few rosemary twigs

how to

simmer water and sugar, throw in a few rosemary sprigs and keep stirring to dissolve the sugar ... let it cool

add the rosemary syrup to four glasses with the freshly squeezed blood orange juice, gin, and ice ... give it a stir and top with sparkling water and a rosemary twig


and a few blusbar favourites for summer:


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