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pr: by basics – focus on production and selling with care

we're proud to be featured on the website of danish brand magazine TØJ today with a story about our made-to-order-concept.

a few lines from the article:

reduce over-consumption

"the danish brand by basics offers its customers flexibility and, at the same time, reduces over-consumption and waste with their made-to-order concept. in addition, the brand keeps production within europe's borders and focuses on selling only what you need."

made-to-order – a cornerstone

"the brand has stuck to having made-to-order as a cornerstone in its concept. it gives customers the greatest possible flexibility and reduces over-consumption and waste."

flexibility all the way

"customers can thus buy precisely the styles, colours and sizes that fit into their store. moreover, there are no fixed assortments or collections because everything is cut and sewn when the customer orders."


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