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petit by basics is here

ethical slow fashion brand by basics has expanded into childrenswear with the launch of new line petit by basics.

based on a similar concept as our womenswear collections, petit by basics is mindfully crafted for children and designed to last for generations to come.

buyers can expect garments crafted in 100% mulesing-free merino wool and 100% organic cotton, offering the same qualities as blusbar, RAM and cotton sense.

each piece is also made-to-order for in-season delivery while there are no minimum order requirements for stockists.

“we love these qualities, our customers love them, and we know that they are perfect for our little ones as well,” says petit by basics cdo anne dorte thøger.

“take our popular merino wool, for instance – it’s a natural, soft, breathable and temperature regulating material, which is simply a perfect match for babies and kids.”

coo peter grensteen adds: “as with all things in by basics, our focus is on high quality, ethics, and no waste; it was only natural for us to bring what we love so much to the little ones as well ... petit by basics is for kids today, tomorrow and in five, 10 and 20 years’ time ... it’s made-to-order in natural materials, knitted in denmark then cut by hand and sewn in our own factory in poland.”

clothes to wear, love, and re-love

but petit by basics is not just smaller versions of blusbar and cotton sense. every style and detail are made with the little ones in mind, says thøger:

“we design for kids – it’s all about the wellbeing of the little ones ... we tried the clothes on quite a few times in the process to ensure everything is just right ... and we loved seeing how the kids tumbled, played and ran around the studio wearing our styles. ... that’s what it’s all about – kids being kids.”

and in some ways, petit by basics is even taking wool to the next level:

“we know and love wool for its many qualities,” adds thøger:“we tend to use wool for different styles than you might expect – simply because we can and because we love the look ... our petit styles are for playtime and the kids look cool and feel comfy and free when they are off to explore the world.”


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