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finalist: sustainable brand of the year 2022

we’re happy to announce that we’re among the finalists at the boutique star awards in the uk!

”we’re so proud to be among the finalists in this category, as sustainable angles and way of working is what it's all about. in everything we do, we work with a 360-degree ethical approach. we focus on natural materials, treating animals, people, and the planet properly. and therefore, we’re so proud to be among the finalist in this category.”

- gitte borup, cmo at by basics

about the nomination

sustainable brand of the year is a new category at the boutique star awards. here, they aim to celebrate the independent fashion/ lifestyle brands making serious efforts to operate more sustainably.

judges will seek a sustainable product range and a conscious production process. the brand will be committed to creating its entire range consciously and will be part of a wider eco-friendly supply chain. it will also be focused on minimising its environmental impact wherever possible, using greener materials and adopting less wasteful production and distribution techniques. lastly, it will be committed to improving its environmental efforts as a long-term plan. this award is open to all independent fashion, lifestyle, accessories and footwear brands based in the uk and abroad.


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