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by basics took part in circular fashion days in copenhagen 2021

the fashion industry is on the brink of change, looking into a new circular future. a future based on what we are best at in denmark – the good design, the solid quality, the proper cooperation, and a focus on real people.

this was the introduction made by lifestyle & design cluster, the organisation behind circular fashion days.

by basics was one of 25 brands exhibiting on the very first circular fashion days at ciff in copenhagen august 2021. here is our story:

by basics – our circular approach

– ethical slow fashion in a world of colours. no seasons. no minimum. order only what you need when you need it, and we produce especially for you. this means no overproduction and no waste. just soft, breathable natural mulesing-free merino wool that is easy to wear and love.

a 360-degree ethical way of working

from raw material to final product. buy only what you need. that’s the core of what we do. the entire by basics’ collection is made-to-order to avoid waste and overproduction. you can add exactly the styles, colours, and sizes you need – no minimum order – no fixed assortment.

we cut our merino wool by hand, reusing patterns repeatedly. the cut-offs are either used for smaller styles, children’s styles or unraveled at a nearby factory and reused.

we offer a virtual showroom, and online information decreases the need to travel.

we recommend air washing and include a piece of matching thread to the care label, so the style can easily be repaired.

all production, including trim, is made in the eu. we design for people – to wear and love. no short-cuts: we want everything to be done ethically. every season we seek to improve and minimize our social and environmental impact.

circular visions

  • design for longevity – anti-seasonal

  • made to order – no overproduction

  • all wool is knitted locally in denmark

  • virtual showroom

  • encouraging customers to take care of the products in an environmentally friendly way (air wash, repair, and gentle washing)

  • production cut-offs are either used in new styles or recycled

  • 100% mulesing-free and oeko-tex certified merino wool


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