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cardigan, extra wide

100% merino wool

one size


sabina is 177 cm & dorrit is 172 cm

both are size m

bybasics_merinowool cardigan 8018.JPG
bybasics_merinowool cardigan 8018_bamboo dress 7628.JPG

kimono-inspired style ... easy to throw over any outfit

double folded cuff & raw edge at hem

double folded panel at front

sewn as style 8005

merino wool band to cover the seam inside the neck

bybasics_merino wool scarf 1040, cardigan8018_cotton top 2301_OWN_linen harem pants, linen

it’s in the detail: MERINO WOOL


all our wool is

  • mulesing free merino wool from sheep living under the five freedoms of sheep

    knitted in denmark

  • cut by hand & crafted at our factory in poland

  • prewashed: we shrink it first, so you don’t have to – allowing you to tumble dry our merino wool – though we always recommend airdrying

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