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dress wide w/boat neck

94% bamboo / 6% elastane

xs - xxl


sabina is 177 cm & wears size m

bybasics_bamboo dress 7628_close.JPG
bybasics_bamboo dress 7628.JPG

based on silhouette of 7618 with short sleeves


boat neck is based on 4026

sleeves cut in one with the body

bybasics_merinowool cardigan 8018_bamboo dress 7628.JPG
bybasics_merinowool cardigan 8018_bamboo dress 7628_close.JPG

it’s in the detail: BAMBOO


all our bamboo is

  • made by the lyocell method in a closed-loop process making sure 99% is recycled instead of being released out into the environment

  • knitted in denmark

  • cut by hand & crafted at our factory in poland

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