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shirt dress a-shape

100% linen

xs - xxl


dorrit is 172 cm

sabina is 177 cm

both wear size m

bybasics_OWN_shirt dress a-shape 12038-LL_close.JPG
bybasics_OWN_shirt dress a-shape 12038-LL.JPG

based on 13018 with same cool cuffs, but in linen with visible button closure at the front

mother of pearl buttons

spacious side pockets, stitched-down to the front for a cool look & not to be too bulky

slits at sides (hem & slits folded so there are no visible seams)

bar tack at slit opening

bybasics_OWN_shirt dress a-shape 12038-LL_close_1.JPG
bybasics_OWN_shirt dress a-shape 12038-LL_1.JPG

it’s in the detail: LINEN

all our linen is

  • crafted with a high number of stitches per inch – we think shorter stitches looks exclusive!

  • made with a high number of buttons as well ... we love this look & how it keeps everything right on place

  • made with a high attention to finish ... for instance, we fold our edges so seams are not visible

  • garment dyed … it’s a timely & costly process, but this kind of craftmanship gives the style it’s unique finish: note the colour details in the seams & the subtle shadows … the process also reduces waste as we only dye the styles ordered

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