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issues with raw materials


issues with raw materials

some sizes in the OWN collection have been blocked and are currently unavailable to order via traede:

12001 ... size L

12013 ... size M + L

Find for more info on permanently removed styles & colours

issues with raw materials

like many other companies, we experience the aftermath of the pandemic meaning that we are unable to receive the raw materials needed to produce some of our brands

therefore, you cannot order the affected colours via traede or your agent at the moment

affected colours · merino wool

updated november 6, 2023

  • colour 58 · anthrasite melange

we are sorry about the inconvenience and will keep this site updated as soon as we know more 


- team by basics


nice to know

which qualities does this concern?

this effect the qualities mentioned above the colour swatches


can i still order these colours? 

for the time being, we have removed the colours in traede, so you cannot select the abovementioned colours in the affected qualities


will the colours be back in stock?

yes –the above mentioned colours will be back in stock


when will the colours be back in stock?

we do not know at the moment but will keep you informed as soon as we learn more on this site


what about the other colours – will they be affected too?

to be honest: we do not know yet. however, we are in close dialogue with our supplier and will do our very best to keep you informed if other colours are affected


what about existing orders?

we are looking into existing orders; some will, unfortunately, be affected by this. we will keep you informed

why is this happening?

in short, what we experience now is the aftereffect of the pandemic


our supplier explains that due to the shortage of containers on the world market, there are massive delays and further delays ... in addition, they have experienced that container was not on the ship as promised, as their suppliers expected lower production volume due to the pandemic

moreover, the established routes in container traffic have been disrupted ... this has to do with the increased demands and the ever-changing restrictions because of the pandemic ... as a result, there are many traffic jams in front of many ports

furthermore, the shipping industry relies on the crew being replaced regularly; this has been working very poorly for a year because of the travel restrictions. the blockade of the suez canal in march is nothing compared to the disruption to supply chains caused by the lack of crew changes, reports the shopping association VDR

lastly, our supplier says that they think this situation could continue for quite a while for all parties involved

i have more questions – who should i contact?

please contact your local agent for more information about your specific situation

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