merino wool

the softest merino wool

- our merino wool is 100% Oeko-Tex certified, has the smoothest finish and is of the highest quality. The wool comes from New Zealand and Australian merino sheep who have received the best treatment. Our merino wool is mulesing free, because we care that animals are treated properly. Merino wool is great for regulating body temperature, especially when worn directly against the skin. Wool provides warmth without overheating due the good breathability of the fibers. Wool draw perspiration away from the skin, without feeling wet due the wool keratin fibers which is both hydrophobic (resistant to water) and hydrophilic (water-absorbing).
Wool has antibacterial properties and is self-cleaning.


did you know...
- that merino wool can absorb 1/3 of its own weight before you feel wet

- that the merino wool is composed of proteins that are biodegradable and, therefore, is an environmentally friendly material

- that Oeko-Tex means security for clothes without hazardous chemicals

- that we hand cut each piece in our wool collection


0117 BlusBar0786 copyhandcraft - basics by bornø

a handcraft

- to achieve the unique finish, we have at the edges of our styles, we handcraft each part

wool can be washed and tumble dried

- all styles from Blusbar and Woolly collection can be washed at 30 degrees wool program and then tumble dry on low heat. In order to spare wool's natural coating in the fibers, we recommend wool detergent.

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