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we are enthusiasts and uncompromising

- therefore, we are working with Oeko-Tex certified, pure and natural qualities.
We strive to make simple, comfortable collections with good fit and high quality both in materials and workmanship.
We only make clothes that we love and that`s why we are proud of our collections with unique products.
All our qualities are knitted in Denmark and manufactured in lots of lovely colours. 
We hope that you as a customer, will be just as enthusiastic about our products as we are.

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by basics


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360 degree ethical approach

all by basics products are ethically made with a sustainable focus: no animals being harmed, no use of harmful chemicals, an "only buy what you need" approach and social responsibility.

We believe in reducing waste as much as possible. For instance, we cut our wool by hand, reusing patterns repeatedly. The cut-offs are either used for smaller styles, children's styles or unravelled at a nearby factory and reused. We do not want anything to go to waste.

We believe in:

  • passion – we are devoted and sincere in everything we do
  • ethical mindset – we encourage only to buy what you need
  • craftsmanship – local artisans make our clothes
  • design – we design for people … to wear and love

This is how we work

It all begins with the raw materials. We choose manufacturers from an ethical and environmental perspective – for instance, materials are Oeko-tex-certified, and all wool is mulesing-free. In addition, our subcontractors are required to have specific certifications to ensure ethical production and a good working environment.

When it comes to production, we control the entire process and make sure to take proper care of our employees, the environment, and the quality of the output. In addition, we strive for long-term partnerships with all stakeholders, including our agents and the stores selling our brands.
We own our production facility in Poland and have a long-lasting partnership with our production facility in Portugal. Employees are treated with respect, fair and competitive salary, healthcare, and no piecework salary.

We visit the facilities regularly and have internal processes to ensure the ethical standard are kept.

In everything we do, we strive to find the best possible solution. We work together as a team. We treat each other with respect and honesty. No short-cuts: we want everything to be done properly, keeping people and the planet as our focus. 

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