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we made a nice movie from the last photoshoot - hope you get inspired

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wool that can be washed and tumble dried

- our Oeko-Tex certified merino wool can be washed to 30 degrees wool program and tumble dried on low heat

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the softest bamboo

- our Oeko- Tex certified bamboo is the softest quality.
Sustainable and bacteriostatic.

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a world of colours

- our merino wool is available in 28 colours, 14 melange colours and 18 different
stripe combinations.
Bamboo is available in 34 colours.
cotton sense is available in 21 solid colours, 1 melange, 3 stripe combinations

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Oeko-Tex certified

- our qualities are Oeko-Tex certified, it gives you, as a customer assurance that our products are without health hazardous chemicals.

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