new in: brushed wool

your favourite for autumn and winter.

OWN brushed wool. 6 styles made from the classic 100% mulesing free merino wool we alle know – and love – from blusbar.

all styles are plain on the one side and brushed on the other side – and completely reversible.

wear brushed wool as outer wear – perfect when you want to stay a bit longer in the beautiful nature – or as a part of your winter wear when colder days are coming. 

so soft. so cosy. so easy to love.

  • four colours: the classics you love: anthrasite melange, dawn grey melange, midnight blue melange, and sand melange

  • new sizes: size s cover xs/s, size m covers m/l, and size l covers l/xl. find size guide on each product in traede

  • the wool is 100% mulesing free merino wool; the same great quality as you know from blusbar

  • reversible designed so that you can wear it inside out. each style is plain on the one side, brushed on the other side. (except from the hats)

  • take care of your new brushed wool. wash at 30 degrees. we reccomment dry flat on a towel, as tumble dry at low heat will change the brushed look.

see the styles in action on youtube

shop OWN brushed wool in traede

by basics own brushed wool reversible 02by basics own brushed wool reversible 01by basics 1 own brushed wool reversible 01 02by basics 1 own brushed wool reversible 01 01



meet by basics at design werck during ciff / copenhagen fashion fair

we're proud to present our new by basics and OWN styles + colours at design werck this year.

design werck is a copenhagen based meeting point and showroom for selected contemporary danish and scandinavian design. by basics is part of the permanent design exhibition. learn more at

you'll find by basics at design werck, august 9-12, 2020
sunday, monday and tuesday from 9 am to 6 pm
wednesday from 9 am to 5 pm  

design werck
krudtløbsvej 12

find a moment of peace and inspiration in these beautiful surroundings.

book a meeting and let us pamper you with attention, food, and a cold beer.




in less than two minutes, this video will let you know who we are and what we believe in.

we produced this video the same way  we cut our merino wool – by hand

the explainer video is animated by hand! It’s true. we found Marchan – a young upcoming motion designer from Denmark. Marchan hand sketches more than 3000 sketches for this video. 3000! It’s 12 sketches per second! furthermore, he handpicked the speaker to make sure, the video has the perfect sound and personality.

he has truly made a great effort in creating a unique video telling our story, and we’re so proud of the result.

Ffnd more of Marchans awesome work in his portfolio

watch the video on youtube



BAMBOO – easy to love

bybasics bamboo lyocell clothing women 01

you care about the environment. you want sustainable clothing made from the most environmentally friendly materials possible. you want soft fabrics. and you want to look chick.

by basics BAMBOO collection might just be what you’re looking for.

we use bamboo lyocell

all our bamboo clothing is made from lyocell bamboo fabric. lyocell is made from many types of wood – in our case: bamboo. after being harvested, the bamboo is cut into small pieces and ground into a pulp, which is then dissolved by the non-toxic amine oxide.

the remains from this process are raw cellulose which is being pushed through spinnerets, washed, and dried. now, it’s ready to be spun into yarn and afterwards woven into the softest bamboo fabric.

did you know that bamboo...

  • is 100 % biodegradable?

  • might grow up to 25 cm a day?

  • has an even more positive effect on CO2 levels than trees because the plant absorbs more CO2 per m2?

  • is the fastest growing plant on earth?

more reasons to love bamboo

bamboo has round and smooth fibres hence clothes made from bamboo is incredibly soft and comfortable to wear.

in addition, bamboo has many good qualities. bamboo fabric has a sweat absorbing and transporting effect. it lets the skin breathe and do not stick when you sweat. like wool, bamboo is temperature regulating and have the ability to absorb 3-4 times more than cotton. the bamboo has a natural anti-bacterial effect, which is retained in the final product.

because we want to produce with care, bamboo is a natural choice. bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth and grows to its maximum height of only 3-4 years, and it even puts new shoots when it is felled. bamboo grows naturally without pesticides or pest control.

see the styles in our BAMBOO catalogue >>>

shop by basics bamboo online in traede >>> (retailers, only) 

by basics bamboo 6by basics bamboo 5by basics bamboo 3


Support your local shops

It has maybe never been more important!!!

- we all need to stand together to help and protect our local shops and businesses during these tough and difficult times.

You might never have thought about it – but try to imagine the local city centre being closed forever! Imagine not to be able to go for a walk in your local pedestrian street, not meeting your neighbour in the local clothing store or grocery store for that matter. This will in all aspects mean a much poorer community!

Your local shop is boosting the economy, creating jobs and ultimately, serving as a foundational stepping stone towards the local environments – as well “socially” as the “identities” of local communities.

Yet, there are a lot more than just financial losses to consider when we allow these businesses to disappear … please find below a small selection of statements from an article in Forbes Magazine – that says a lot:

12 by basics support your local shops quote11 by basics support your local shops quote10 by basics support your local shops quote9 by basics support your local shops quote8 by basics support your local shops quote7 by basics support your local shops quote6 by basics support your local shops quote5 by basics support your local shops quote4 by basics support your local shops quote3 by basics support your local shops quote2 by basics support your local shops quote1 by basics support your local shops quote

Stand together – apart … SUPPORT your local shops during and after the COVID 19 … for MANY good reasons

Have a nice weekend

- team by basics



Message from by basics - COVID-19

...things are changing fast due to the current situation with COVID-19.

at by basics, our thoughts are with our suppliers, manufacturers, collaborators, and with you.

for now, this is the status at by basics:

  • our webshop is open for orders ­– we do our best to fulfil your orders as soon as possible and at the same time take great care of our team and partners
  • we can supply products from our BLUSBAR, woolly, and OWN collection as well as grums
  • delivery time of the above-mentioned products is not delayed

if you have any questions or need our assistance in any way, please do not hesitate to contact your sales representative.

as always, we advise you to buy only what you need.

all the best– stay healthy and take good care of yourselves, your family and loved ones.

- team by basics

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OWN – the woven STYLES of by basics

are you looking for sustainable clothing in linen or poplin? you’ve come to the right place. by basics' OWN collection is slow-fashion in woven fabric. we produce classic styles in a wide range of colours; all in the same high quality as our other products.

see the OWN catalogue >>

NL11 bybasics own ss20 00

one stop shop

even though we love our knitted styles, we know that sometimes you need a piece of woven clothing to create the perfect look. that is why we have created own: to make sure you can get all the styles you need in one shop. 

just like all other by basics styles, OWN is oeko-tex certified and made within the eu. 

printed poplin

in our OWN collection, you will find three styles made from the most gorgeous printed poplin. this is a limited edition; once it is sold out it is gone for good.

piece dyed linen and poplin

while our other styles are sown as you order; OWN is coloured by order. we sow the styles in raw materials – and piece dye according to the colours you order. we do this as we do want to reduce waste: the styles are classic – the colours might change.

buy the look · mix’n’match · make your own rules

pic 1 · OWN jacket 11004  // blusbar cardigan 8012  // OWN shirt dress 16009

pic 2 · OWN jacket 11004  // OWN shirt 15001 // OWN shirt 16005 // cotton sense pants 3306

 NL11 bybasics own ss20 04NL11 bybasics own ss20 03see all the styles in our OWN catalogue >>

buy the look · the perfect dress · choose your own favourites

if you have access to our sales platform, please just click the picture to go directly to the style.

pic 1 · OWN sweat dress 14001 // pic 2 · OWN shirt dress 13001 // pic 3 · OWN dress grandad 16009

 NL11 bybasics own ss20 05NL11 bybasics own ss20 07NL11 bybasics own ss20 08

see all the styles in our OWN catalogue >>

how to order:

order directly in our online system (retailers only) or via your local agent.
buy only what you need. there is no minimum. 

we produce every month.
we collect the OWN orders at the end of each month.
production time is current month + 6 weeks.

just order what you need. no minimum.



your favourites from the fashion fairs SS2020

thanks for stopping by one of our by basics' stands these last couple of months. we have enjoyed meeting many of you – and now we are pleased to show you the bestsellers from the fashion fairs ss2020.

did you order yours already? there's still time and as always there is no minimum quantity. just order the pieces you love. contact your local by basics dealer.

4 favourites from our OWN collection (see the entire catalogue)

we are so glad to see that you also love our new OWN collection.

your favourite colours of by basics OWN SS2020 are white, seafoam, limestone, and offwhite

your favourite styles of by basics OWN SS2020 are: blouse 16005 // jacket 11004 + pants 12002 // blouse 11001

NL09 bybasics favourites from the fairs ss20 10NL09 bybasics favourites from the fairs ss20 09NL09 bybasics favourites from the fairs ss20 07

3 favourites from our blusbar collection (see the entire catalogue)

if you have access to our sales platform, please just click the picture to go directly to the style.

you still love blusbar – and so do we. there's just something about merino wool against your skin; it is a perfect match.

your favourite colours of by basics blusbar SS2020 are blue mood, dawn grey melange, camel melange, and violet ice melange.

your favourite styles of by basics blusbar SS2020 are: cardigan 8009 // top 2204 // tunic 6040

NL09 bybasics favourites from the fairs ss20 04NL09 bybasics favourites from the fairs ss20 03NL09 bybasics favourites from the fairs ss20 01

trage dich als Fachhändler ein und wir melden uns bei Dir