faq en by basics

this faq is intended for resellers of by basics, who has access to by basics webshop (traede),

If you have a question that you cannot find the answer to in this faq, please feel free to contact us. 

how do I place an order?

log in to traede. search for the item numbers, use the filter, or click through the pages till you find the wanted styles. 

choose the specific sizes, colours, and quantities you wish to order. "update cart" to put the items in your basket.

can I order directly from your catalogue?

no, but you can find the current look book inu kan få direkte adgang til sæsonens lookbook med inspiration og mulighed for at købe de viste styles i vores showrooms. hold musen over prikken, vælg farver og vælg ”order”. Nederst på siden kan du se din ”selection”, vælg ”continue” og ”create as order” for at vælge de størrelser, du har brug for.

no, but you can order directly from our look book – a showroom in trade showing you the styles of this season. Find nspiration and buy the displayed styles directly in the showroom. all you have to do is hover over the dot, select colours, and click "order". 

at the bottom of the page, you can see your "selection", choose "continue" and "create an order" to select the sizes you wish to order.

where do I find photos for my website and social media profiles?

we always strive to create the best photos for you to use on your website and social media profiles.

go to "image bank" and "packshots". find images for your specific orders by selecting "home" and "download product images".

I cannot find the item I am looking for – what should I do?

first, check if you have chosen the right drop:

drop by basics (merino wool, bamboo, and cotton)

- bamba
- bamboo
- blusbar
- cotton sense
- ram
- woolly

drop own (linen, poplin, cotton/wool, and brushed wool)
- own

grums (skin care products)
- grums

paa stell (laundry detergent)
- paa stell

If you have chosen the right drop and still cannot find the product you're looking for, please feel free to contact us; we'll help you out. 

how about the delivery time?

delivery time will typically be

  • by basics · 4-6 weeks
  • OWN · current month + 6 weeks
  • grums · 1-2 weeks
  • paa stell · 1-2 weeks

if the delivery time changes, we’ll be in touch.

my customer wants a specific by basic style; can I order just this one style without ordering anything else?

yes, you can order one or more items; the price and delivery time stay the same.

how should I advise my customer to laundry by basics styles?

we recommend air drying your styles as much as possible. when washing, please follow the washing instruction inside each style or see washing instructions/a>.


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