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body measurement guide

until recently, we featured a size guide on every style page in traede

the changes 

this size guide has shown the body measurements that fit our sizes and has thus been the same on each and every style page


unfortunately, many have perceived it as a product size guide, i.e., a guide that tells about specific measurements of the displayed product, and this has of course created a lot of confusion

therefore, we have changed the way, and only the way, this unchanged body size guide is displayed to make it clear that it is a body measurement guide 

about the guide 

due to our non-traditional way of producing, we are not able to hit the same measurements every time, we are not supporters of passing on product measures and do not provide full measurement charts at all


our measurement charts are, of course, our starting point and our patterns correspond to this, but there will certainly be differences from delivery to delivery


it is important to pass this information on to customers and ensure that they are prepared to receive larger msm


differences in deliveries from us than they are used to from conventional production


if the most important fitting measurements are requested by a customer who understands our set-up, you can contact anne dorte, who will assiste you

body measurements for

merino wool · bamboo · cotton · OWN
size guide web 2.png

download size guide

(available as a link on each style in traede)

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